Jessie + Elizabeth announces Legends by Madison Grace ~ classically elegant watercolor greeting cards

3 generations rolling pie crust

Your story is waiting to be told

What does all of this have to do with an artisan lotion company?  Yes, at Jessie + Elizabeth we offer amazing skincare products that are designed to pamper you and to feed your skin. 

But, the soaps, lotions, yummy bath salts and other products that we so lovingly prepare are really just a platform for a much bigger calling for us.

We believe that through honoring and keeping alive the stories of those who have come before us, we are able to shape a better future for the rising generations. 

It's Time to Stand for America

Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of our founding fathers put it this way: Love is the 'glue' that holds a family together. If a family doesn't have love for one another, then they don't have a family.

In the same way, PATRIOTISM is the glue that holds a nation together. A nation without citizens that love it and are willing to fight and die for it can not remain as one.

Great new products that love and honor our beautiful America are already here and many more are being planned.

family with American flag in sunset in celebration of Faith Family Freedom