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healing calendula lip balm

We know, all lip balms are the same, right?  Well, not exactly.

Calendula is a mightly little herb with BIG skin-healing powers!   It is thought to be beneficial for chapped lips, raw irritated skin, wound care and burn care. 

Because we believe that there are some things that are simply better with time, we soak calendula petals in extra virgin olive oil for a year or longer, strain it with a cheesecloth and then use it as one of our four ingredients to give you a lip balm that you will want to order time and time again.

Lovingly made with these fine ingredients: calendula-infused extra virgin olive oil,  locally-sourced beeswax, cocoa butter and organic coconut oil.  That's it!

Our customers tell us that they love our lip balm because it doesn't melt in their cars. (Actually, we don't recommend that you do that, but that is what we hear)

You may experience a slight 'crustiness' on your first use.  No worries!  Amazing goodness lies just below the surface.  All-natural cocoa butter just does that sometimes. 

.15 oz



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