Looking for Woodstock Botanicals? We have rebranded and we are now Jessie + Elizabeth. Welcome!


At Jessie + Elizabeth, we really care about delivering high quality products to our clients who have come to love the richly moisturizing yumminess that our soaps, lotions and other products have delivered to their skin.

Yet, as a nation, we have endured a horrific pandemic that has ravaged each of us in some way.  Last year, we literally experienced the cancellation of each of our distribution outlets:  all of our shows and festivals that had been lined up were unable to open.
So far, it looks as if we are going to see continued shutdowns.  While the website has offered some sales of our products, the real distribution came from the other outlets.
As a result, our lotions, which have a shorter shelf life than our other products, have sold out and will not rebatched until September when our holiday show schedule begins.
Thank you in advance for understanding.  Each of us has a story as to how the pandemic has negatively impacted us.  And, if you are so inclined to speak to God through prayer, please continue to intercede with Him for healing for our beautiful America. 


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