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Become a Hero!

The Storyteller's Society is looking for heroes!  


You and your story can become a motivation and inspiration for others.  

When we take the time to become intentional about the legacy that we are building for our families, they are strengthened.  


Do you have a story that might describe:

  • a special way that you built a family tradition
  • how you made a connection with other members of your family that you didn't know about before
  • a way that you or your family were blessed through your efforts to learn more about your family and to record your family's history?
  • something that you or someone in your family did to honor a family member that is either living or dead?
  • a way that a child in your family has benefitted from learning about family members and the past?
  • ways that you are building special memories with your family
  • stories about your journey in recording your family's history, your autobiography, etc. 
  • any other tradition, story idea, etc.  that has helped to strengthen your family and could benefit another family?

    You are the hero, and we want to hear your stories!


        To be featured on our blog as a hero, this is what to do next...

          • Reach out to us here and tell us a little bit about your story idea.  Be sure to give us your phone number so that we will be able to call you and discuss it further.
          • We will review your story and determine whether or not it 'fits' within our story parameters.
          • If approved, we will schedule a time for you to be interviewed over the phone so that a recording can be made for story content.
          • That's it!  It is SO easy on your part.  You and your family are honored and you have helped to strengthen another family by sharing your story and it will only cost you about an hour of your time 
          • And, as a thank you for your time and contribution, we will send a $75 gift certificate to you for your use at our online store. 

        You can make a big difference in the lives of others!  We want to hear from you!  You are more important than you know.  Tell us your story by going here.