Jessie + Elizabeth announces Legends by Madison Grace ~ classically elegant watercolor greeting cards

Why is it so important to record your family history?

All children need to know that they are a part of something bigger.  They desperately need to feel as if they belong to a family that is conscious of its uniqueness, character and heritage.   We can give them this by telling them stories of those who have come before us. 



Tales of those who have come before us become the building blocks of character, self-worth and the deep-seated belief that life is worth living and that our children are so worth loving.

What does all of this have to do with an artisan lotion company?  Yes, at Jessie + Elizabeth we offer amazing skincare products that are designed to pamper you and to feed your skin.  But, the soaps, lotions, yummy bath salts and other products that we so lovingly prepare are really just a platform for a much bigger calling for us.

We believe that through honoring and keeping alive the stories of those who have come before us, we are able to shape a better future for the rising generations. 

We believe that by sharing these stories with each other, we are able to provide support and encouragement to each other as we embark on the journey of building our own family legacies. 

Keep coming back to this website, and you just may find that you are becoming motivated and inspired to tell your story. 

Share your story with us and join the family!  Send yours to   Your words could become just the catalyst that someone else needs to help begin to tell her own story.