Looking for Woodstock Botanicals? We have rebranded and we are now Jessie + Elizabeth. Welcome!

high cotton moisturizing goat's milk soap

Rich and creamy goodness. Packed with vitamins and minerals that increase moisturization and help to repair dead skin tissue.  You won't believe that you have found so much luxury in a bar of soap that cleanses gently and deeply at the same time. The soft, creamy lather will leave your skin refreshed and sweet-smelling.  


A luxurious fragrance with top notes of lemon blossoms and white tea delightfully underscored with the softness of lily of the valley.  Base notes of vanilla and sandalwood balance the ozonic quality of this complex, prestigious fragrance that will take you back to the elegance of lush linen.  

Each natural  bar is lovingly handcrafted in small batches with a grateful heart for the many gifts of healing and nutrition that come from plants with these fine natural ingredients:

water, saponified coconut, RSPO palm, safflower oils, goat's milk, fragrance.

In addition, all of our soaps are hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, biodegradable, never tested on animals,
gluten free, soy free, made from oils that have come from plants that were farmed by sustainable growers, non-GMO, made in USA. 

And, if you haven't guessed it by now, Jessie + Elizabeth is a different kind of skincare company.  Nowhere is that difference more evident than in the packaging for our soap.  Graciously acclaimed for its beauty, the soap wrapper is also one of a kind:  it is actually a love letter written by Susan's grandfather to her grandmother in 1924 before they were married. 

Theirs was a strong, loving marriage for 59 years until his death bid their solemn farewell.  It was a sweet love story that was marked with joy, laughter and, of course, hardship and tragedy.  


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